Il Dilettanti

Label: Aparté

Works by: Barone Emanuele d’ Astorga, Benedetto Marcello, Diogenio Bigaglia, Giacomo Maccari, Giovanni Maria Ruggieri, Vincenzo Benedetti

Xavier Sabata
Latinitas Nostra
Markellos Chryssicos

Music is the very soul of Venice. ‘In every square, street, and canal, singing is to be heard,’ wrote Goldoni. Musical dilettantes were non-professionals who played for their own pleasure and enjoyment, to entertain themselves. This programme is devoted to a number of composers who, without being professionals, left their own very personal mark on the history of music.
Xavier Sabata and Markellos Chryssicos present ‘I Dilettanti’, accompanied by the lively ensemble Latinitas Nostras. This recording, made in the singer’s native Spain, bears witness to the sincere friendship between these artists, brought together by a passion for music, and to their dilettante spirit.

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